Joan Crawford Shopping With Little Girl: “Did She Say Weirdo?”


This little known short film of Joan Crawford‘s, The Big Rock Candy Mountain, has the great screen star philosophizing about meat while shopping in a grocery store with a little girl who gets pummeled up and down the aisles with Joan’s wisdoms and queries.

Among Joan’s saltier bon mots:

“Did she say weirdo?”

“Green. Like the grass, like the trees. Like Frankenstein’s monster…Whoever heard of a red weirdo? Come on.”

“It’s made in a casing, like a hot dog, only Spanish.”

“Yes. Meat that comes from cows and pigs.”

“Where do you think meat comes from?”

“Where do you think you come from? Never mind, don’t answer, just eat your weirdo.”

And that’s just the beginning of the weirdo-ness.

By the way, the whole thing is an extended promo for Pepsi, which Joan lived to promote, but that doesn’t make it any more logical. And that’s it’s genius. I don’t know where meat comes from, but this film surely comes from heaven. Thanks to Lypsinka for the tip.

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