An Express F Train May Be in the Near Future for Brooklyn


In August 2012, the Straphangers Campaign gave the F train a $1.40 grade, which is basically a B+ or a C-. The score was given based on cleanliness, breakdowns, and service–and, for the F train, this grade is generous. The line between Culver and Jamaica-179th Street is known for its long waits; if you decide to take it after midnight, best of luck to you.

But there is hope on the horizon for disgruntled commuters.

Yesterday, at a City Council budget hearing, the New York City Office of Management and Budget announced that the MTA will be conducting a review of the F train this summer once work is finished on the Culver Viaduct. The inspection could result in good news for all–an express F in Brooklyn; something that hasn’t happened since 1987.

Except the proposal might not be as great as it sounds. The F train has a limited amount of trains on its line–hence the delays–so if it does become express, the trains will be distributed to either local or express routes. Also, the stops that used to be on the express line aren’t exactly the most used ones. Obviously, much has changed in South Brooklyn in the past 26 years.

Oh, and the MTA doesn’t have that much money. But we already know that.

But the news comes right after we heard the G train is getting its full line review as well. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed.