U.S. Memory Champion Nelson Dellis can memorize 303 random numbers in five minutes and repeat them back in the exact order they were given. He can also memorize a randomly shuffled deck of cards in 34 seconds, and up to 86 names in five minutes. If you think that’s crazy, get this: Dellis claims that with the right tools and training, we all are capable of such memory feats, and he’s coming to NYC to prove it. As part of The Rubin Museum’s Brainwave series, Dellis will be joined by cognitive psychologist Lila Davachi for a lecture and workshop event entitled The Memorist. The two memory experts will use unique techniques—such as the ancient Greek “memory palace” method and the introduction of memorable fragrances—
to help audience members improve their capacity to remember things in their 
everyday lives. Don’t forget to silence your phone and stow away your paper and pen; no memory aids are allowed.

Sun., March 17, 6 p.m., 2013