The Tony Awards Will Bring A Battle Of Little Kids


Quvenzhane Wallis set a whole new tone for the Oscar Best Actress race; she was the youngest nominee ever in that category, at a mere nine years old!

But she didn’t have to fight it out with other kids–just a few grown women and one really old (fabulous) lady.

Well, that was then.

The Tony awards’ Best Actress in a Musical category happens to be shaping up as a big old mudfight in the schoolyard.

It’s the girls vs. the girls!

I’d bet my gay life that the four young things who alternate in the title role of Matilda (three 10-year-olds and a nine-year-old) will be nominated as a team, the way the Billy Elliot boys were.

And their stiff (but tiny) competition could very well come from Lilla Crawford in Annie, who’s gotten good notices for belting “Tomorrow” and being an all-around moppet. Her getting recognized wouldn’t be that surprising. After all, Broadway’s original Annie, Andrea McArdle, was nominated way back in the ’70s.

And Lilla has a lot of tomorrows ahead of her. When her casting was announced last April, she was 11, so I’m assuming she’s all of 12 now. That’s older than the Matildas, but not exactly French-arthouse-film-about-a-stroke territory yet.

So when they announce the winner in that category, expect to hear even more shrieking and pigtail pulling than usual.

Gosh, when I was a kid, the only contest I was in was to see who could get out of gym the fastest the second the bell rang.

Congrats to all these girls. And now that Quvenzhane is playing Annie in a movie, could she be up for the Oscar Best Actress again?

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