Four Months After His Presidential Loss, Romney Snags New Job In Old Field


Over the summer, when we first began our recurring ‘Mitt Loves N.Y.’ series, it became increasingly evident that Mr. Romney’s campaign for the White House had gained its largest financial support from a familiar network of friends. Most of our profiles spotlighted those in the leveraged buyouts business; the industry of Bain Capital lore, one we know all too well from last year’s report by fellow Voice scribe Pete Kotz.

If the donations to Restore Our Future were any indication, these guys stick together. So it’s no surprise that Mr. Romney is rejoining the old pack.

Yesterday, NBC News reported that the ex-candidate is joining his son, Tagg, and Spencer Zwick, a chief adviser to the Romney campaign, as chairman on the executive committee of their new company, Solamere Capital. Their website describes the company as a “group formed by a group of influential business leaders to leverage their industry expertise to access and execute superior investments.” That has to be business jargon for something.

The story is the latest in a series of appearances made by a figure who went off the radar post-Election-Day. In December, he returned to Marriot International as a member of its board of directors. This was after he made yet another ’47 Percent’-related remark to his donors. And, over this past weekend, he made an appearance on Fox News, sitting down for an interview to discuss how he’s upset he’s not in the White House right now. “It’s hard,” he said.

But this new job should definitely cheer him up a bit.