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New York City: The New World Capital Of The Super-Rich


You wouldn’t believe this if you read the news the other day that the homeless population in New York City is at its highest rate since the Great Depression. But…

According to London’s Daily Mail, New York City has surpassed the British capital as the most appetizing spot for the super-rich (oh, and the fact its Mayor just scored big points on the Forbes Billionaires’ List adds to this a bit). The study was done by a property agent known as Agent Frank, which surveyed High New Worth Individuals — slang for all sorts of bourgeois terms — and came to the conclusion that the rich are all flocking to New York.

The reasons given by the newspaper are pretty straightforward: London’s super-rich are afraid of a mansion tax, the Eurozone is in the shitter, New York is awesome and property prices here a bit cheaper. Tell that last part to those of us who are still dealing with this whole highest-rent-in-the-nation thing.

Welcome to your new home, guys. Get comfy.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on March 7, 2013

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