Mayor Bloomberg Hates Going To The Movies (And The Media, Of Course)


We have TriBeCa Film Festival. We have the Angelicka. We have countless movie premieres, movies being made here left and right, celebrity spottings and the like. New York City is a place made for the movies; it’s basically a film mantra that you’re either filming here or in L.A. And Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t like any of it.

In an interview with M Magazine, the Hizzoner expressed his discontent with the whole ‘going to the movies’ thing after going to see ‘Les Miserables’: “I sat through an hour of trailers, and every one was stupider than the other… And then there were these ads for video games — for adults! And you want to know why we’re dumbing down politics.”

No fuss was made over the fact that the movie and television industries rake in $7 billion for New York a year. Or, when he went on to criticize new media, the fact that he runs a multi-million dollar media company. But that doesn’t matter.

We’ve already heard the Mayor hate on bloggers for being bloggers. In the interview, he went a step further: “I don’t see any difference between a newspaper on the Internet and a blog. It confuses everything and takes away the difference. People are getting their news from sitcoms and from movies with a political agenda. They’re even getting information from games!”

We should stop listening, right?