A Night Of Modern Dance And Lap Dances


The Paul Taylor Dance Company is doing a few weeks at the Koch Theater, and on Saturday night, I caught their performance of “Speaking In Tongues,” a haunting work about the culty expressiveness of religion, followed by “Promethean Fire,” a more crowd-pleasing explosion set to Bach.

From such a lofty perch, I continued my dance outing by going to a 22 West 39th Street basement, where the Adonis Lounge opened, with all kinds of barely clad males bumping it onstage and taking men to a private area to writhe around them. Very modern dance, with a hint of classicism for extra texture.

The place is perfect in its black decor, cozy vibe, and pseudo elegance (a couple of chandeliers hang like testes of the gods looking down). As the guys float through the place in search of interactions with older men, it’s quite a riveting scene, and it was made even better by the fact that these weren’t the usual steroidal yuck jobs–they were actually nice looking, natural seeming, and even sexy. Can you imagine?

My favorite customer was the middle-aged guy who tipped a dancer, then knelt down and grandly kissed his sneaker. What a gentleman!

Bring lots of singles–but keep it under 200 or you might as well just get a hustler.

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