It’s Official: Christine Quinn Wants To Be Your Next Mayor


Yesterday, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn released this video to the Internet. And her campaign tweeted the below out, too. Both were an affirmative nod to New Yorkers that, yes, she is officially running for Mayor and, yes, she is fighting for the middle class. If elected, Ms. Quinn will be the first woman and the first openly gay individual to occupy Gracie Mansion.

It’s been common logic for the past few months (years?) that Ms. Quinn would run for Mayor. Her moves as City Council Speaker have been viewed in a future mayoral light, she has a favorable lead in the polls against her Republican opponents and talks of her possible candidacy have revolved around whether she is Bloomberg Act II or not. So this video announcement only does one thing: makes it official.

In it, the Speaker tells the emotional tale of her past, as the daughter of a union leader in Glen Cove, dealing with her mother’s death to breast cancer at an early age. She then runs through her list of experience, in which she posits herself as a fighter for the working class of New York, displaying her legislation for a living wage bill and mandatory kindergarten. The phrase ‘middle class’ and ‘affordability’ are mentioned more times than one, coming off a proposal she made a few weeks ago to dedicate more dollars to middle-income housing.

It could be said that her electoral shift in attention towards the middle class is a clear sign that she wants to cut all ties with the Bloomberg administration – a reign that has rarely been associated with the lower classes of income. Or, if we’re thinking positively, not politically, here, it could be a sign that she actually does care that Manhattan and Brooklyn are two of the most expensive places in the country. We’re gonna have to wait to find out.

But the big news here: the frontrunner has stepped into the ring.

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