“James Franco Hasn’t Been Blown That Hard Since Milk”


That’s a brand new observation from Frank DeCaro in his nuttily funny review of Oz The Great and Powerful on his own Flaming Screens channel on YouTube.

Frank DeCaro, of course, was a scream as the gay movie critic on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and he’s a regular riot as the host of his own Sirius/XM OutQ radio show.

And now, DeCaro–the only other Italian-American only child besides yours truly–is redefining “out at the movies” with his channel, whose cherry has been popped with the Oz review in which he wonders if the film is a big, fat L. Frank Baum.

“Are you trying to tell us you’re a little light in the ruby slippers?” asks DeCaro of Franco, while surveying the actor’s sexually transgressive career.

Cut to a clip of the flying monkey telling Franco about “the Emerald City dungeon.”

Interjects DeCaro: “Best name for a gay bar ever!”

If you’re over the rainbow flag, this review will have you believing again.

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