New York

Here’s Who Should Be On The View


Joy Behar is leaving, but Elisabeth Hasselbeck is staying, despite the wishful thinking, I mean erroneous reports, of the gossip press.

But who would you want to see on The View to make it worth shutting your trap so you can watch them flap their gums for an hour?

First of all, I’d keep Whoopi. She’s legend.

And I’d add:

Joan Rivers. Never a dull moment. Can we talk? She can. And she’s a regular anyway. Maybe she can be coaxed back after they censored one of her jokes recently.

Quvenzhane Wallis. Seriously. I’ve never seen the kid say something banal or irritating. (But she’d be good anyway.)

Yetta G. Kurland. Civil rights lawyer and City Council hopeful, pictured above. She would add interesting depths and textures. And bow ties.

Morgan Fairchild. Have you ever talked to her? I have. And the ’80s vamp happens to be educated, brilliant, and really articulate.

Put these females together and I’d be tuning in for the girl talk till queendom comes.

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