Will The Cinderella Writer Talk To Me?


Douglas Carter Beane and I were getting along pretty well–I did a nice interview with him, which was included in my last book–but when I didn’t rave about Sister Act, calling it “rote but pretty enjoyable”, he started cooling to me.

He made a remark to me that made it clear he was disappointed with what I’d written.

And at an event last year, he dragged his costume designer away from me, while not saying a word. I wasn’t sure what the motivation was, but that’s fine. I’m not in this biz to become friends with the people I write about. I’m doing a job.

Well, Beane wrote the book to the new production of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella, which I gave a mixed review.

I called Beane “Broadway’s reigning wit” and said the show was “unwieldy but crowd pleasing,” pointing out that the clashing tones don’t mesh, but the second half clicks and the whole thing has a giddy appeal despite the labored moments.

Well, last week I went to a press meet-and-greet for another show Beane has written. I’ve been to a million of these things. I go to them to get quotes about the creation of the show, and it ends up being very good publicity for them during the crucial launch period.

At the event, I requested an interview with Beane several times. When a publicist went up to Beane, I heard him shrieking: “I do not want to talk to that queen!” Another person there said he heard it too and said it was about me.

Well, the publicist for Beane’s new show clarifies that this was a misunderstanding and he actually made the remark as a joke about a website interviewer, whom he knows and was then brought over to and hugged.

In any case, I stood there for a long time, getting glassy looks and no help at all, so I guess I just suck.

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