Bartsch And Arias Create A New Living Room Ambience


“Think of this as my apartment,” black-chiffon-laden hostess Susanne Bartsch told guests at the weekly, unnamed Tuesday night soiree at Soho Grand’s lounge last night. “Make yourselves comfortable. Have sex on the floor!”

Please! I’d certainly do that at her real house, but not in front of strangers!

Anyway, the event is a casual, civilized, mildly old fogeyish yet completely newish and glam type of thing, where people dress up in gorgeous ways to sit, sip, stand, chat, and then soak in some music.

The room is beautiful, with high ceilings, large lampshades, and potted plants, and it’s dark and hazy enough that everyone looks even more mysterious and sexy than usual.

The tones come via living legend Joey Arias, who sang a song he wrote that went “I like your teeth…I like your pussy pie” and so on, in a way that made you want to click “Like.”

And then, channeling Billie Holiday, he crooned “All of Me,” interspersed with patter about how he, Bartsch, and Dita Von Teese had had dinner, and all Dita ate for two hours were two bread balls. I thought she had more balls!

“We’re moving in here 7-24,” announced Bartsch, who’s not dyslexic, she simply has her own angle on everything.

Getting my luggage together as we speak.