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An Argentine Gay Reacts In Horror To The New Pope


A source of mine is an Argentinian gay male.

And when he heard about the appointment of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope, he didn’t exactly swell with nationalistic pride.

Says the guy:

“Bergoglio appears to have been actively involved in protecting the dictatorship’s abuses in the 70’s and also of handing over to the death squads two of his own Jesuit priests kidnapped in 1976.

“There is a case against him regarding that and witnesses.

“He also said that anyone who voted for gay marriage in Argentina would go to hell (a
homophobe from hell, but what else is new?). Thank God no one listened to
him and as you know, gay marriage is legal in Argentina now.

“So, just for those two things, no, I am not happy he is the new pope, even if he is a fellow Argentine. In fact, I’m quite disgusted…”

Well, I did some further research and got this from the L.A. Times: “Critics accuse him of failing to stand up publicly against the country’s military dictatorship from 1976-83, when victims and their relatives often brought firsthand accounts of torture, death, and kidnappings to the priests he supervised as leader of the Jesuit order in Argentina.” Charming!

And of course there are his comments about gay adoption being a discriminatory act against the children!

But look on the bright side. With this new hater-in-a-gown, the church will become more obsolete and out of touch with evolving world views than ever. Just like the Republican party.

I’m rejoicing, actually. On my knees.

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