Ruby’s Bar and Grill in Coney Island, 1985


Every week, the Brooklyn Historical Society sends round a historic photo of Brooklyn. This weeks it’s a shot from Ruby’s Bar in Coney Island, taken during the 1985 World Series, a nail biter in which the Kansas City Royals edged out the St. Louis Cardinals four games to three. Ruby’s has been a favorite Coney Island hang since 1975, and Fork in the Road included it among our 10 favorite Brooklyn Bars in 2009, and reported when it was in danger of being shut down by rising rents in 2010. Later in 2010, the city had plans to relocate the iconic bar. Their website reports they just signed a new lease at the same location.

Here is what the Brooklyn Historical Society had to say about Ruby’s:

Rubin Jacobs opened Ruby’s in 1975 and it has since become a mainstay as the headquarters for both the Mermaid Parade and the Polar Bear Club. The legacy goes on through Jacob’s children and grandchildren who now run the bar. This photograph is relevant also as we hear about beach communities bouncing back from the Hurricane. Ruby’s not only weathered the last two hurricanes, but a near eviction by their landlord in 2010. Thankfully, Ruby’s will be open again after March 22 according to their Facebook page.

Ruby’s Facebook Page

Ruby’s Bar and Grill
61213 Boardwalk W
Coney Island, Brooklyn