Phil Spector Movie With Pacino Contends He May Have Been Wrongly Convicted


Spector, that is, not Pacino.

Phil Spector, by David Mamet–airing on HBO on March 24–tells of the music legend’s conviction for the second-degree murder of actress Lana Clarkson in his mansion in 2009.

But the film looks at the flip side of the story.

I hear that while it doesn’t exactly come out and say Spector was innocent, it does leave some serious doubt as to what really happened.

It shows that the forensic evidence really didn’t support the murder charge.

That it seems as if Phil couldn’t have been that close to her when the shooting happened.

That the bullet didn’t leave her head, it just lodged in there.

And that a jury, when faced with a man who’s known to be extremely creepy, can make extremely harsh assumptions.

Food for thought.

And yet, if I were a woman and I saw Spector at any point during his weirdo years, I’d surely da do ron ron.