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John Liu, Comptroller: City Needs to Analyze Causes of Five-Year Surge in Lawsuits


In on our article this week on the five-year surge in civil rights lawsuits, we pointed out that the city does little to analyze the causes of those claims in an effort to identify problem officers or troubling trends that can be corrected.

City Comptroller John Liu also knows there’s a problem, according to his claims report which was released in late December. “The City must carefully examine the trend of more claims filed against the NYPD,” he writes. “Although there are no easy ways to reverse the trend, clearly more must be done.”

Liu proposes a new task force of the NYPD, city lawyers, prosecutors, the CCRB and his own staff that would identify troubling areas and act to correct the problem. He proposes tracking claims by type in each precinct, and tracking individual officers named in claims along with payouts.
According to his claims report, 11 of 76 precincts had more than 100 claims filed against them in 2011, including the 44th Precinct neat Yankee Stadium in the Bronx which led the field by far with 330 claims.

Here is a list of the 11 precinct with more than 100 claims filed against them in fiscal 2011:

44th 330 Area around Yankee Stadium, the Bronx
46th 223 Fordham, University Heights
41st 175 Southeastern Bronx
40th 173 Port Morris, Mott Haven
120th 151 Staten Island
73rd 140 Ocean Hill, Brownsville
42nd 139 Morrisania
43rd 135 Eastern Bronx
48th 127 Central Bronx
77th 123 Crown Heights
47th 119 North Bronx


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