Kinder Egg-Style Chocolate Now Legal in the U.S.


Kinder Surprise Eggs, the Italian-made, toy-filled chocolate Easter candy that was banned in the United States since it was first produced in the 1970s, has suddenly been legalized — or, at least, an American version has. ABC News reports that New Jersey sweets entrepreneur Kevin Glass received FDA approval to sell Choco Treasure, a Kinder-inspired egg, throughout the country. The contraband candy (deemed a “choking hazard” for children) have caused much controversy in the past — so much so, in fact, that one Canadian woman was fined $300 for trying to smuggle a few chocolates into the U.S. Now being sold just in time for Easter, Choco Treasure can be purchased online for $1 – $1.49. Grazie mille, New Jersey. [ABC News]