Sharon Needles Interview! Hail, Satan!


Sharon Needles won the fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race with a witchy mix of ghoulishness and girlishness.

And she’s back from the dead once again!

The world’s most fabulous corpse is hosting rentboy.com’s Hookie Awards for male escorts this Friday, so I strapped her in her coffin and grilled her as if grilling a shish kebab with black eye makeup.

You’ll enjoy this one, people. It’s a big old corn-on-the-macabre just waiting for your incisors, sisters.

Hi, Sharon. Is this your first Hookie Awards?

Yes, and I’m very excited. This year has allowed me to dip my pinky toe into the pool of celebrity–things like billboards, supermodel, my own album–and now I get the ultimate prize, and that is to host an awards ceremony. Granted this isn’t the Grammies or the Academy Awards, but at least it’s a topic I understand.

Wait. Aren’t those awards full of whores too?


Have you sampled the nominees?

No, but I’ve become a huge bottom. I don’t know if my asshole just got old or if I’m exploring new things. I really want to sink myself into this judging. I don’t want to take the back seat. I want to dive right into it and be a real part of the voting experience.

Did you used to be a top or versatile?

I was a total top. It was more of a dominant thing. I’m amazed at how much I can get in there now. I think once you become famous, you like things to go in.

You become a hoarder?

Yes, a collector. A cock collector.

How many can you get in there? Have you done double penetration?

I’ve never tried. There’s a first time for everything. When you’re famous, you get to do all these things that non famous people do, like double penetration.

It could make someone famous, though.

Yes, people think fame is great and you can only get it from RuPaul’s Drag Race, but Michael Musto proved them wrong!

Are you the world’s most famous corpse or is it Barbara Walters?

My booking rate would slightly increase if Elvira died.

She’s only big on Halloween.

She’s big where it counts. But dead girls never say no. They never say no to double penetration!

Will you presenting Hookie awards or just MCing?

I have no fucking idea. As Amanda Lepore says, ‘I show up all dolled up, have too much fun, get paid, and I’m out.’ It sounds incredible, and something tells me all these buff young gay men are into ugly drag queens.

They’re into anyone holding out a credit card.

Thank you, Ru. I have several.