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Here Comes A Gay Reefer Madness Warning You Not To Do Tina!


In the latest video of their Homewerq series, Mike Diamond and Matinga warn against the horrors of “PNP”–i.e. “Party ‘n play”–as a prelude to a fist.

“If you can only have sex on drugs, there’s something really, really wrong with you,” says Matinga.

“It’s a fear of intimacy,” alerts Diamond.

Crystal, they warn, “will destroy your health, your psyche, your mind, your teeth.”

“You don’t know what the fuck it is,” they explain. After all, “it could be fertilizer and cough syrup and hairspray”–if you’re lucky!

“And your teeth are gonna fall out and your skin’s gonna get bad,” they remind.

Furthermore, relying on drugs for an aphrodysiac can make you do foolish things you’ll regret.

“Like put on high heels and the soundtrack to The Pajama Game,” says Diamond.

Check out the video and you’ll snort. With laughter.

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