Openly Lesbian Singer Responds To The Michelle Shocked Mess


Washed-up, born again singer Michelle Shocked horrified her audience the other night with comments about how “God hates fags” and how she lives in fear of gay marriage.

Well, an openly lesbian singer, Janis Ian, has responded:

“As a performer with 45 years of shows behind me, I’ve had walk-outs when I sang about interracial couples, and when I sang about AIDS, and walkouts more recently when I sang about gay marriage.

“I am the first to argue that I have a right to sing and speak about those things on stage, just as the audience has the right to walk out, object to the management, and ask for their money back if they feel deceived.

“Our country is in large part founded on the concept of free speech–the right to speak your mind politically and socially. But there is a huge difference between ‘Free speech’ and ‘Hate speech.’

“It is sad when a talented person chooses to use that talent in the service of their own misplaced rage, and their disappointment in their own life. I often wonder if people like this die and meet God, who will smack them upside the head and say ‘Did I really LOOK like I needed your help?!

“And isn’t it odd to see someone who was so woman-identified turn a 360 degree like this? Then again, ‘Hell hath no fury…’ “

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on March 19, 2013

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