Debbie Gibson Gives Good Tweet


My pal and fellow ’80s survivor Debbie Gibson might not be an electric youth anymore–Who is?–but she’s still got her head, and hat, on straight.

Her tweets are fun and honest, especially when countering the plentiful dummos out there.

Answering someone who tweeted “You look like Britey Spears mother,” Debbie replied, “Yes! I gave birth at 12 yrs old! Ahh the wonders of science. ☺”

Responding to the stupid tweet “Debbie Gibson? I thought she was dead,” Debs wrote “New invention: GOOGLE. U R rude n blocked”.

And cutely, when someone sent a photo of Taylor Swift in a Gibson-style chapeau and wrote “Is that you?” Debbie answered, “Ha! Hey TSwift! I want my hat back! XO”

Top that, Tiff.

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