Harmony Korine On James Franco’s Artistic Fearlessness And Oral Skills


If you think Oz The Great and Powerful is a scandal, wait till you see James Franco in Spring Breakers, in which he’s Alien, a cornrowed, silver-toothed rapper/dealer who watches Scarface on heavy rotation, goes down on guns on command, and has a lovely artistic side to match his psychotic one.

In my new column, I talk to writer/director Harmony Korine [below], who calls Franco “a maniac” (in a good way) and expresses admiration for his boldness and deep-throating abilities.

The provocateur also fills me in on how they came up with the scene where Franco sexily but scarily strokes Selena Gomez‘s face. Korine was even nice enough to laugh when I quipped, “I don’t think Justin Bieber ever touched her that way.”

Read the column, spring breakers. It’s a scandal.

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