Andrew Sullivan Says The Husband He Met At The Black Party Has Calmed Him


According to a profile in M magazine, Andrew Sullivan admits that when he was diagnosed with HIV in 1993, he couldn’t get a date.

But some time later, he met Aaron Tone at the Black Party–the annual drugs-and-sex-fueled debauch–at three in the morning.

They’ve been together for nine years and have been married for five. And I never see them hanging from the walls of the Black Party anymore, lol.

“I’m definitely mellower now than I used to be,” says Sullivan in the interview by Erik Maza. “And I absolutely know that Aaron’s had that effect on me. He’s made me much more emotionally rigid, calmer.”

The profile points out that this is a far cry from the days when Sullivan trolled the Internet for unprotected sex under the handle RawMuscleGlutes.

Today, their idea of cheating–we learn–is when they watch the Daily Show separately.

Wild stuff!

By the way, Aaron Tone is described as a bearded guy who has some acting credits like Bear City 2

Big deal. I was in Bear City 1!

Anyway, congrats to Sullivan for finding the right Tone.