West Village Bar Recreates Beloved Rochester ‘Garbage Plate’


This is Daddy-O’s cheeseburger version of the famed Rochester garbage plate.

Buffalo has its chicken wings and beef on weck, Syracuse its salt potatoes and barbecue, but what does Rochester have? Something called a garbage plate. First served at a bar called Nick Tahou’s – which has trademarked the name, so that all the other bars in town can only serve “the plate” – it consists of an identical pair of meats, say, two hot dogs, or two burgers, or two Polish sausages. These are deposited on an oblong platter with fried potatoes on one end, and a particularly skanky macaroni salad on the other. Brown mustard, meat sauce of the kind used around Albany, and hot sauce are squirted over all. The result is true deliciousness.

Daddy-O is open till 4 a.m. in the morning, in case you get a late-night craving for “the plate.”

Waving its beatnik name like a flag, Daddy-O at the corner of Bedford and Leroy in the West Village offers two versions of “the plate.” One features two Zeigle’s red hot dogs (white are sometimes also available), cubed fried potatoes, macaroni salad with threads of carrot in it (that’s the healthy part), and a profuse layering of the “chili” mentioned above, which was originally a Greek meat sauce, and still tastes slightly of cinnamon.

The alternative at Daddy-O is a pair of cheeseburgers, but with a difference: the cheese food product is inside the burgers, as if to not let it mix with the hot sauce, mayo, mustard, and chili already thickly layered over the plate. Toasts are served with both plates, allowing you to sop up the extra sauce at the bottom – and there’s plenty!

44 Bedford Street

There are two hot dogs, each split down the middle and grilled, under the mess.

Here’s an actual Nick Tahou frankfurter garbage plate, also featuring navy beans.

The “55 junker plate” at Tom Wahl’s

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[Thanks to Andrew “Jake” Jacobson for the tip.]