New Not-Gay Show On Logo!


Well, at least the cohost is gay. He’s Australian Karl Schmid, and he told me all about Operation: Vacation–a 15-episode show that starts tomorrow night on Logo as part of their new strain of programming.

What’s the show about, Karl?

The easiest way to describe it is Extreme Home Makeover, but instead of a house, we give away a dream vacation. It’s taking these human stories, meeting people, finding out the ups and downs, and rewarding them with a vacation. We’re sending people to Paris, Rome, Berlin, Costa Rica. We sent one couple on one of the most exclusive fishing trips. They were whisked away on a private jet to a lodge in Canada. They’d never had a vacation before! It’s often incredibly emotional. Some of these people have been through hell and back. When we tell them, they literally have less than 12 hours to get their bags packed and got the airport.

And it’s on Logo?

It’s quite a departure for the typical Logo programming. Their slogan is ‘beyond’. They’re going beyond that strictly LGBT programming and opening up their demographic.

I’m a gay male and don’t really appreciate someone trying to go beyond me!

It seems the largest people watching Logo are straight girls between 16 and 32. But that might need a fact check. I’m definitely one of the gayest things about the show.

So you’re gay?


I know you had a connection with Dame Edna, but that doesn’t mean anything. [laughs]

I met you a few times when I used to come to New York with Edna. I started out as her personal assistant and ended up as her agent and producing her television shows in London. Barry [Humphries] is a mentor and someone I look up to and respect. I learned an incredible lot from him.

What’s your own personal ultimate vacation?

It depends on what kind of vacation you want. It’s more about the journey than the destination. I love Harbour Island in the Bahamas as a total do-nothing getaway. And the Greek island of Naxos. For what you spend in Mykonos for 24 hours, you can have a week’s vacation in Naxos. I also love Berlin, Stockholm…and New York.

Correct answer! I’ll see you somewhere gay.