Silver Circle Writes a Crude Valentine to Ron Paul


Set in the near future yet animated in the video-game style of the recent past, Silver Circle draws a story of dystopic federal corruption from the economic woes of the present. In the 2019 imagined by debut director Pasha Roberts and screenwriter Steven Schwartz, the Federal Reserve is running the country, the dollar has succumbed to inflation, and a rebel movement has begun minting its own silver. The seizure and subsequent bombing of a Washington, D.C., housing development opens the film, which Roberts claims in the press notes already has an online following among its intended audience of “comic book fans, silver/gold investors, and the libertarian-esque crowd.” For everyone else, the charms of what might charitably be called Silver Circle‘s homemade look and feel are limited. Considered as agitprop, it certainly has paranoid flair: Assigned to investigate the bombing, Federal Reserve gumshoe Jay Nelson (De’Lon Grant) meets hottie protester Zoe (Philana Mia), and together they uncover a sadistic government body and the private crematorium used to handle its many casual assassinations. More awkward than unsettling (“What are you, some rebel whore?” a confused Jay asks Zoe. “Don’t ever call me that!”), Silver Circle is a crude valentine to Ron Paul and his extended family.

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