I Met Sharon Needles At The Hookies! Here’s What Went Down


Thanks to Jason Russo of HeyMrJason Photography for capturing myself with RuPaul’s Drag Star winner Sharon Needles at the Hookie Awards at Roseland on Friday.

When Sharon told Next magazine that she was excited about meeting me, I decided to actually take a shower in preparation for the event!

And it was worth it. As I locked my bike outside the place, I saw Sharon emerge from a vehicle and enter to the awful sounds of New York traffic beeps and horns.

“Stop that noise!” she barked, like the true corpse she is. Already, I wasn’t disappointed.

Inside, at the step and repeat, I met Sharon, whose nails alone towered over me.

The drag star gushed to me, “You made me! You created me! You SAT on the TV! You were in all those Nelson Sulivan videos in the clubs!”

I blushed so hard I matched her lip shade, and if anyone has a problem with that…Stop that noise!

Thank you, Sharon. Thank you, Jason. Thank you, life.