Mayoral Hopeful John Liu Files Claims For Over $3M In Public Funds


Who knew the Comptroller would come somewhat close (read: nowhere near) to Bloombergian levels with his finances for City Hall?

After only announcing his official candidacy two weeks ago, the New York Post has reported that John Liu is in line for $3.4 million in public matching funds from the Campaign Finance Board for his campaign. Regardless of the fact that the agency is still investigating Mr. Liu’s comptroller campaign in 2009 – it is uncertain whether this will harm his public funding efforts in the future.

This amount runs off a six-to-one basis with small donors. So, against frontrunner Christine Quinn, who leads with over $600,000 in funds for matching purposes, Mr. Liu has gathered about $564,400 from mostly small-time donors, including his large Asian-American electoral base. With that being said, he’s reached $3.2 million – a total of which he has already spent a solid $1.2 million of, leaving him with $2 million in the bank.

However, even with the high amounts, Mr. Liu can still be considered the ‘grassroots’ candidates. He’s only collected 11 checks for the maximum citizen donation, which makes him an outlier amongst big time spenders like Quinn and Lhota. And, also, we cannot forget Mr. John Catsimitadis – the billionaire grocer of Gristedes fame.

Relativity states that, with him in the race, everyone’s a ‘grassroots’ candidate. Or the fact that Mayor Bloomberg’s money is nowhere in sight.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on March 25, 2013

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