Mets Name David Wright Captain; Go About Your Business


You know the Mets are hard up for big news stories when the best they can offer a week before Opening Day is that David Wright has been named captain. Exactly how important to the team is it that Wright has become only the fourth captain in Mets history? Think of it his way: the last Mets captain, back in 2004, was John Franco. You all remember John Franco — he sat in the bullpen and pitched every third day. That’s how important it is to have a team captain.

Naturally, the beat writers are taking this news and running with it. It’s all they’ve got to go with. Andy Martino wrote Friday in the Daily News, “In December, Alderson committed eight years and $138 million to Wright and now the organization has made official another honor, as the Daily News reported last weekend would happen before Opening Day.”

Kudos for that prediction, guys. Were there really a lot of choices for this honor? I guess the Mets would have to decide whether they were going to send Ike Davis down to the minor leagues before offering it to him.

Wright told reporters at a press conference — yes, they have press conferences for things like announcing team captains when there is nothing else to publicize –“This is probably one of the proudest says of my career so far.” I love that “probably.” It probably means he isn’t sure.

The big suspense yesterday was whether or not Wright would decline to wear a capital “C” on his uniform. “Part of it is my personality,” he told the press. “I don’t’ necessarily like to stick out too much. I think the uniform is uniform for a reason.” I guess so — I never knew captains had the options of having a “C” on their uniforms, and I’ve never taken notice that any player in the history of baseball ever did. In fact, outside of Derek Jeter, I can’t think of another player in Major League Baseball today who even has to concern himself with the problem of defacing his uniform. A friend of mine at SBNation tells me that he thinks Paul Konerko of the White Sox is the only other captain in baseball.

And if Wright doesn’t want to stick out too much on this team, he’d better not hit .300.

BTW, in all this swirl of talk of honors and Wright’s qualities as a team leader, funny how it’s been forgotten than last fall the rumors were thick that he was going to be traded.


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