Now You Can Make Pink Lemonade With Pink Lemons


The ornamental Eureka lemon has decidedly pink flesh, instead of lemon-yellow.

Normally, if you set out to make festive pink lemonade like Martha Stewart, you do it by adding cranberry or strawberry juice to your regular recipe. But now you can make pink lemonade without the alien juices.

The Eureka lemon has a ridged skin, which is somewhat thicker than that of the Meyer lemon.

Also known as the Lisbon lemon, the Eureka cultivar has a tough, ridged skin, and sometimes green streaks of color when it is ripe. The flesh is light to medium pink, and the juice is much sourer than a regular lemon. This could be a boon when it comes to making lemonade, imparting a sharper, more pungent flavor with less juice.

It would also make a splash at dinner parties, where using slices of lemon in fizzy water or iced tea makes for a beautiful beverage. Mixologists take note. The lemons are available at $1.99 per pound at Manhattan Fruit Exchange in the Chelsea Market.

The Eureka lemons sell for about 33 cents each at $1.99 per pound — quite a bargain!