Real Housewife Kenya Moore Tells Me Why She’s “Gone With The Wind Fabulous”


Kenya Moore–former Miss USA and current star of the Atlanta Real Housewives show on Bravo–is coming to Splash on April 4 to premiere her new song and video, “Gone With The Wind Fabulous.”

I interrupted my Kinky Boots-Fabulous life to catch her for a stimulating tete-a-tete.

Hi, Kenya. How did the ‘Gone with The Wind Fabulous’ idea come about?

I was on a little mini-vacation with my aunt on an island, having cocktails, and we were recapping everything that’s happened for the season. I said, ‘It doesn’t matter what they think–I’m fabulous. I’m Gone With The Wind fabulous.’ And then I started repeating all the negative things said about me–I’m old, I’m ugly, etc. And I said, ‘It’s no matter what they said because I already knew I was Gone With The Wind fabulous.’ That fueled my creative juices.

I assume you mean Scarlett, not Prissy or Mammy.

[laughs] I live for Miss Scarlett O’Hara. She was fabulous and gorgeous. All the boys wanted to date and marry her. She had a hard time in love–she loved someone who couldn’t love her back–but at the end of the day, she was a firecracker. I relate to her. And on a serious note, the film represents the first black woman to win an Academy Award–Hattie McDaniel. It’s of such great significance.

Maybe you can make a dress out of curtains like Scarlett did.

I tried to get that into the video! I got the fabric and everything! It was so ambitious, that video, but we didn’t have the time to get all the scenes in. And that Beyonce dance killed me. I said, ‘I don’t think I can do another scene.’

Being a beauty queen involves being so composed whereas reality stardom involves letting everything out. Was it a weird transition for you to make?

I would agree with that. But it wasn’t a weird transition per se because I won my title so long ago and I’ve always lived my life as I see fit. I’m not a conformist. People didn’t know my actual personality. I’m like a wild card in my everyday life. I’m still all of those things–very composed when I want to be and congenial and charming, but I will get you together if you cross me.

“I’ll cut you!”

[laughs] I’ll give you a nice read.

I’ll read you Gone With The Wind! Anyway, see you at Splash!

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