Kristin Chenoweth on the Oscars, Adele, Hugh Jackman, and S&M


In her new movie called Family Weekend, Kristin Chenoweth gets abducted and strapped to a chair by her daughter, who demands more quality time with her.

So for my brand new column, I did the very same thing–minus the abduction and duct tape–and got the multi-talented star to talk:

What was it like being strapped down? Any fun there?

How did she enjoy interviewing celebs on the red carpet before the Oscars–again, minus the duct tape–then ending the evening with a gleeful song about the losers?

Kristin also tells me about her passionate letter defending Sean Hayes;

Her upcoming Broadway revival (which might costar Hugh Jackman or might not);

What it was like to star on Broadway opposite her ex-fiance;

And why she will never do one of Broadway’s most famous roles, despite having been repeatedly offered it!

Click it and read, entertainment lovers. Nothing is left out.

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