Mayor Bloomberg to Reporters: Stop Asking Me Who I’m Endorsing! Leave Me Alone!


No, it’s not Christine Quinn. No, it’s not Joe Lhota. No, it’s not John Liu. And, no, it’s definitely not John Catsimatidis (though wealth-wise that would make the most sense).

Even after saying the other day that the candidates this year are a weak bunch, Hizzoner is keeping his mouth shut on who he thinks should be the next Mayor after he gives up his 12-year throne this November. And he wants reporters to do the same with their questions about it. No, but seriously.

He made that point perfectly clear at a press conference yesterday.

I know who I’m going to vote for and I may change my mind between now and then. If I do, you’re not going to know about it. . . . These questions aren’t substantive and don’t inform the public and the reasons that we’re trying to help the press is to give the public the information.”

And then, he went on to trash media for obsessive content-hunting:

That’s one of the frustrating things you say it and you say it until you want a different answer. You know, you have a right to ask it but I don’t know why we’re going to keep having press conferences and wasting our time. We’re not going to spend the whole time between now and the election talking about who I’m going to vote for. If I ever want to endorse somebody, I will tell you. If I want to tell you who I vote for, I will tell you, but it won’t come because you asked. So, you’re just wasting your employers’s time. There’s got to be other things that would generate stories that would sell your television program and advertising, your radio advertising, your newspaper advertising.

Okay, just ping us before you do anything, Mayor.

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