Chocolate Angry Birds and Fancy Peeps at Dominique Ansel


When playful pastry wizard Dominique Ansel first opened his Soho bakery, he sold out of his flaky French pastries almost every morning. In the two years since, the crowds have become a bit more manageable, but the chef’s whimsical creations are still in full effect.

Last-minute Easter shoppers can pick up a box of Ansel’s house-made peeps ($26), a riff on the classic marshmallow confection. The chef lopped off the top of real eggshells before filling them with caramel and sugary yellow fluff.

Those searching for a slightly more aggressive candy can opt for the Angry Birds-inspired chocolate eggs. Once smashed, they reveal a core of Valrhona chocolate truffles. Of course, such an artfully crafted dessert comes with an equally hefty price tag: $42 a pop.