Even With Bloomberg’s Veto, Paid Sick Day Bill Expected to Pass City Council


Looks like Christine Quinn has won… on a few levels.

Last Friday, we reported on the paid sick day bill in City Council, where it’s been garnering support for a few years now. The legislation sought to mandate employers to give their workers at least five paid sick days if they had at least 20 employees.

And, after a compromise with exemptions for smaller companies, it finally picked up the attention of a much-needed player: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

That was due to mayoral consequences. Quinn didn’t want to halt a bill that would please the labor vote. Her rival, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, has been calling her out left and right on her lack of attention towards the bill. But, of course in the end, it’s all about Bloomberg: she has used the opportunity to distance herself from an electorally overbearing mayor who threatened to veto the bill this weekend.

And it could work out for her: News sources reported yesterday that it looks as if the speaker has collected enough votes to 1) pass the bill and 2) overturn the veto. Look at this victory as a legislative beginning of Quinn’s full-fledged attempt to cast herself as the “middle class” candidate who’s not antonymous with ‘Hizzoner.’

Oh, and New Yorkers: Enjoy your shiny new paid sick days.