Tell the City How You Think Sandy Relief Funds Should Be Spent by Friday


At the beginning of February, we ran a post titled “Millions of Sandy Relief Dollars From Congress Will Arrive in April.” The first installment of $1.7 billion from the $50 billion package passed by the Senate would start to trickle in with the warmer weather. And City Hall has laid out very specific spending plans, many of which involved competitions for the funds’ future.

Well, now it’s April. So the time is now for much-needed relief to take its course. But, first, the city needs some feedback.

About $16 billion of that grand total is being delivered in what are known as Community Development Block Grants–a process that involves a sign-off from one person: you (well, the public … but you are technically a part of that). Starting last week, the City has been accepting comments and suggestions from the hoi polloi on just how to spend all of this cash flow. And that open comment sections ends Friday, April 4.

Do you think the government should be rebuilding homes? How can broken businesses benefit from this enormous injection in the most effective way possible? What areas of New York needs the most attention first after the city’s Katrina? The neighborhoods in newly drawn flood zones? Probably the neighborhoods in newly drawn flood zones.

To opine on questions like this, throw your comments here. And remember (warning: this is the worst expression ever): your voice matters.