Charles Bradley to (Presumably) Hand Out Free Hugs At Pianos Tonight


Charles Bradley’s new album Victim of Love is out today on Brooklyn’s Daptone Records, and like we told you in last week’s feature about both, it doesn’t get much better. The album is sweet, heartfelt, proud, sad, and as soul-stirringly honest as they come. Which makes sense. Because, if you’ve seen the incredible documentary about his hard life, you know Bradley’s seen enough hardship to last a few people a few lifetimes — poverty, brother killed violently on the stoop of his childhood home, homeless and living in the subways at 14. That’s why, when Bradley yawps, you feel it. (For proof, look no further than the first couple lines of Victim‘s first single “Strictly Reserved For You,” when he roars “I’m tirrrred of the city life/ I’m tirrrrred of the city people.”)(Video for the song after the jump.)(Watch it.) On the flip side of Bradley’s deep pain, though, is his extremely pure joy, which he often expresses through hugs to friends and strangers alike — something he does often in the aforementioned doc. Tonight at Pianos, from 9 – 11pm, Bradley will meet and greet his fans at Victim of Love‘s release party. The Daptone Family DJs will be on hand to spin the latest dubstep hits many a soul great. You know, just like it says in the big flyer up top. The party is free and open to the public. Smiles encouraged (and inevitable).

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