Mayoral Hopeful John Catsimatidis Picks Up Democratic Firm For Election


The man who calls himself the candidate “for Harlem and for Wall Street” while praising Romney’s fondness for oil a few months ago is on the hunt for great PR. And, as a Republican with tons of money in New York, he’s decided to pull a move straight out of the Bloomberg campaign playbook.

Leave it to billionaires to fully embrace the whole “a friend of an enemy is a friend” idea.

According to Politicker, Gristedes founder and City Hall contender John Catsimatidis has employed an oddly-titled firm called Millennial Strategies LLC, which specializes in Democratic candidates (and ’90s nostalgia?). Mr. Catsimatidis is the only Republican client they’ve hired but, apparently, the firm’s partner has known the grocer for some time.

The move is akin to Bloomberg’s hiring of the well-known Democratic strategic Howard Wolfson for campaign consultancy a few years back. Just like the Mayor, Mr. Catsimatidis seeks to harness Democratic guns in a blue city, meaning he’s already looking for a wider audience past the primary election.

And, after 12 years of Bloomberg, he’s going to need it. Maybe he should just switch now to Independent for good measure.