Tyler, the Creator’s WOLF, Reviewed By Tyler, the Creator


Tyler, the Creator’s new album WOLF — a 72-minute experiment to see how often the word “fag” can be rapped on a major label release — is out today, and the reviews are steady rolling in. You don’t need to read any of them. Because Tyler’s already reviewed the album for you himself. For the past week, when not tweeting “FAG,” “FUCK,” “WOLF” or some variation thereof, he’s tweeted the real scoop about the album and what we can best expect of it. Namely, it’s not any good. Here’s what we know, from Tyler’s own fingertips: 1) Every beat on WOLF sounds the same. 2) WOLF is butt. 3)WOLF is weak. 4) Most of the lyrics on WOLF are on some Papa Roach, emo type shit, Tyler trying to work out his complicated feelings about his father abandoning him. 5) Hodgy has the best verse on WOLF. 6) WOLF is Sooooooooooooo (13 O’s) shitty 7) Tyler says the following words frequently on WOLF: Fag, bike, niggas, golf. 8) You’re not going to like WOLF because it’s a “weak ass album.” 10) WOLF has the best album cover of the year and if you don’t think so you’re a fag and you smell like shit.

Anyway, here’s more of Tyler on his weak ass new album WOLF. WARNING: Tweets so edgy you might cut yourself.

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