Emilie Weibel


Along with the glorious virtuoso jazz vocalist Fay Victor, Swiss miss Brooklynite Emilie Weibel is one of the shining lights leading Brooklyn’s contingent of heavenly voices. While Victor is a bluesy queen of jaw-dropping improvisation, Weibel is the subtle songbird with an equally mesmerizing presence and a DIY ethos. In her Omoo guise, Weibel—with an assortment of entrancing lo-fi electronics, loop devices, a cheap music box and voice effects—creates minimalist vocal magic, occasionally with a honeyed backdrop of Stereolab-like la-la’s but always with an aesthetic all her own that is downright otherworldly. It’s no wonder NY sax titan Darius Jones enlisted both Weibel and Victor for his vocal troupe.

Wed., April 10, 8:30 p.m., 2013