Free Will Astrology: April 3-9, 2013


ARIES [March 21-April 19] “Art cannot be modern,” said Austrian painter Egon Schiele. “Art is primordially eternal.” I bring this up because I think you have entered a particularly wild and timeless phase of your own development. Whether or not you are literally an artist, you have a mandate to create your life story as a primordially eternal work of art.

TAURUS [April 20-May 20] “All my best ideas come from having no answer,” said pioneer filmmaker John Cassavetes, “from not knowing.” I hope that testimony cheers you up. As hard as it may be for you to imagine, you are on the verge of a breakthrough. As you surf the chaotic flow and monitor the confusing hubbub, you are brewing the perfect conditions for an outburst of creativity.

GEMINI [May 21-June 20] Sant is a Hindi word that comes from a Sanskrit verb meaning “to be good” and “to be real.” Few people are both. So here’s your assignment: to be good and real; to have compassionate intentions even as you conduct yourself with a high degree of authenticity; to bestow blessings everywhere you go while at the same time being honest and clear and deep. You have the power to pull off this strenuous feat.

CANCER [June 21-July 22] If I’m reading the astrological markers accurately, so far in 2013, you have partially redeemed the shadowy side of your nature and you have to some degree ripened the most immature part. As for your heart, you have managed some healing of a wound that had festered there for a long time. So here’s my question: Is it possible for you to do more of this good work? The target date for completion is your birthday.

LEO [July 23-Aug. 22] A crucial event in Charles Darwin’s early development as a scientist was a five-year boat trip he took around the world during his twenties. The research he conducted seeded many of his unique ideas. The writing he did established his reputation as a noteworthy author. And yet before his journey, his father tried to talk him out of embarking. Did your parents or other authorities ever have a similar response to one of your brilliant projects? If so, now would be a good time to heal the wound caused by their opposition.

VIRGO [Aug. 23-Sept. 22] I’ve got three affirmations for you. Say them out loud and see if they might work for you. 1. “I will be engrossed in fascinating experiences, but I will not be obsessed with grueling frustrations.” 2. “I will be committed to love if it opens my eyes and heart, but I will not be infatuated with maddening conundrums.” 3. “I will give myself freely to learning opportunities that offer valuable life lessons, but I will be skeptical toward rough-edged tests that ask far more than they offer.”

LIBRA [Sept. 23-Oct. 22] “Pole of inaccessibility” is a term that explorers use to identify places on the Earth that are hard — and interesting! — to access. On each continent, it’s usually considered to be the spot that’s farthest from the coastline. The oceanic pole of inaccessibility is an area in the South Pacific that’s most remote from land. By my reckoning, you would benefit from identifying your own version of this point, whether literal or metaphorical. It’s also a great time to transform your relationship with it.

SCORPIO [Oct. 23-Nov. 21] Every April, the ancient Romans celebrated a festival known as Robigalia. Among the rites they performed were ceremonies to exorcize the god of rust and mildew. I suggest you consider reviving that old practice. You would benefit from spending a few days waging war against insidious rot. Start by scrubbing away all the sludge, scum, and gunk from your home, car, and workplace. Next, make a similar metaphorical effort: Scour the muck, glop, and grime out of your psyche.

SAGITTARIUS [Nov. 22-Dec. 21] “You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you,” says Tinkerbell to Peter Pan in J.M. Barrie’s famous story. Sometime soon, I think you should whisper words like those to a person or animal you love. You need to bestow and attract the nourishment that comes from expressing extravagant tenderness. For even better results, add this sweetness from French poet Paul Valéry: “I am what is changing secretly in you.” And try this beauty from Walt Whitman: “We were together. I forget the rest.”

CAPRICORN [Dec. 22-Jan. 19] John Muir had an ecstatic relationship with the California wilderness. He studied it as a scientist, and he worshiped it as a mystical devotee. “Glaciers move in tides,” he wrote. “So do mountains. So do all things.” I invite you to identify the currents and tides that have flowed through your life. It’s prime time to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the big, slow-moving cycles that have brought you to where you are today.

AQUARIUS [Jan. 20-Feb. 18] William Faulkner won a Nobel Prize for literature, an indication that he had abundant talent. His prose was often experimental, cerebral, and complex. When asked what he would say to readers who found it difficult to grasp his meaning “even after reading it two or three times,” he replied: “Read it four times.” My counsel to you is similar. When faced with a challenge that taxes your understanding, keep working to understand it, past the point where you would normally quit. There will be rewards.

PISCES [Feb. 19-March 20] “Dear Rob: I just consulted an astrologer, and he told me that my planets are very weak because they’re in the wrong houses and have bad aspects. Please tell me what this means. — Paranoid Pisces.” Dear Pisces: Whoever told you that nonsense is an incompetent astrologer. There’s no such thing as one’s planets being weak or being in the wrong houses or having bad aspects. The coming weeks will be prime time for you to overthrow the influence of inept “experts” and irresponsible authorities. Reclaim your power to define your fate from anyone who has stolen it from you.

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