I’m Doing Another Disco Extravaganza At 54 Below!


The last one, in February, was a sold-out hit, so we’re bringing on more rhythms, more polyester, and more retro yet totally fresh thump-thump euphoria.

54 Below happens to be the upscale former basement of the old legendary disco Studio 54, and that’s the perfect place for me to be hosting the disco magic all over again, on Saturday May 4, when we can party for hours on Zoloft till we drop.

I’ll sing a hot tune or three backed by the amazing band Elektrik Company and my legendary cohorts Tish & Snooky.

Orfeh (Tony nominee for Legally Blonde) will slay ’em with some large-scale vocals, just like last time.

And I have two new guest stars:

Sarah Dash from the classic girl group Labelle–the ones who did the original and by far the best version of “Lady Marmalade.” She’s a miraculous performer, with her own disco hits as well.

And the diva herself, Joey Arias, who’ll bring the whole thing into the future with his sultry, sexy stylings, set to a disco beat.

So if you’re thinking you’re too good to boogie….oh, oh, boys and girls, have I got news for you: You’re not! So check it out and start practicing your moves.