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Jekyll & Hyde’s Deborah Cox Tells Me What Whitney Houston Personally Taught Her


This week’s column is a cozy chat with R&B star Deborah Cox (“Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here”), who’s definitely supposed to be on Broadway.

In fact, she’s costarring in the current revival of Jekyll & Hyde as Lucy, the hooker with the heart of gold and the lungs of steel as she belts out song after power-ballady song.

Cox told me what Whitney Houston taught her when they duetted together. Believe me, it’s major.

Also, what she learned from Celine Dion, whom Cox sung backup for at galas, Bill Clinton’s inauguration, and The Tonight Show.

And I asked her not only about the reported whips-and-chains feel of the new Jekyll & Hyde, but about whether Cox’s upcoming musical about Josephine Baker addresses the legendary star’s bisexuality.

You’ll be surprised what you learn.