The International Cat Video Festival Is Coming to Brooklyn, So … Yeah


Last September, we got wind of a certain festival over in Minnesota. One where cat-lovers and viral video nuts could come together in peace and harmony for a sole purpose: to fawn over cat clips on the Internet.

Seventy-five finalists, 5,000 people, and 65 minutes of the best cat videos the World Wide Web could provide. A lifetime achievement award was given to Keyboard Cat, and it’s to be assumed that attendees had a whole lot of feline fun–it’s OK, we hate ourselves, too. What more could anyone ask for? (Seriously, so, so much).

Well, it looks like Kings County is about to get in on that action. It was really only a matter of time.

News came yesterday that the International Cat Video Festival is coming to Brooklyn (as Gothamist points out, “where it belongs”). The event will be held August 28, at Warsaw in Greenpoint.

Until then, you can watch the video above of last year’s finalist Henri, the avant-garde cat who is more adorably existential than both Calvin and Hobbes.