Want to Buy Notorious BIG’s Childhood Apartment in Bed-Stuy? Pony Up $725,000


It seems no one is immune to the apparent limitlessness of urban gentrification. And in the case against it, we now humbly submit into evidence Exhibit B.I..G.: Biggie Small’s childhood Bed-Stuy apartment is on the market for a price as hefty as its original occupant, $725,000.

In much the same way Bushwick was once branded “East Williamsburg,” Biggie’s old apartment at 226 Saint James Place in Bed-Stuy is being billed by realtors as “Clinton Hill.” The listing for it states that it’s “Convenient to subway, shops, and restaurants.”

Is this all a dream?

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As much as the neighborhood has changed, so has the apartment. Judith Lief, the realtor who represents the property, says it was completely remolded several years ago. The place now boasts “Hardwood floors, crown moldings, a coffered dining room ceiling and granite countertops.” The total monthly payment on the place would now be around $3,857. Of course, that doesn’t include the $145,000 down payment or the $800/month taxes and common charges.

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Lief seems slightly annoyed with the amount of attention the property’s famous tenant is bringing. She won’t be mentioning Biggie to potential buyers. “Why would I?” she asked. “A celebrity having lived there doesn’t translate into a sale.”

Does Lief listen to The Notorious B.I.G.? “I can’t say that I do,” is her curt reply.

Photos of Biggie’s childhood apartment as it’s currently listed follow.

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