Balding Men Are 32% More Likely To Have Heart Disease


Thinning on top? Well, according to a study, you have 32% more chance of developing coronary heart disease than someone with a thick head of hair.

I’m sure that’s very helpful to some people, but to me it seems like the biggest waste of time and money since New Coke.

What can really be gained from this survey? Guys who are thinning on top can’t really do anything about that situation, so now they’re all going to worry up a storm about getting heart disease, and as a result they’ll lose even more hair and then they’ll be at further risk of a coronary!

And if you artificially stimulate your pores and make some hair pop out a little as if by medical magic, would that help you avert the heart attacks?

No one knows–and so we’re simply left with the news that if you’re rubbing your pate, you’ll soon enough be clutching your chest.

And that’s totally useless info. Let baldies enjoy whatever time they have left!