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Hey, Old Jews, I Don’t Work For Variety


This Sunday’s Times ad for the hilarious show Old Jews Telling Jokes quotes me saying, yes, “HILARIOUS,” which is certainly accurate.

But here’s how they identify me:

Michael (Altar Boy Wannabe) Musto, Variety.

Huh? Of course I approved the “Michael.” I OK’d the “Altar Boy Wannabe.” I’m fine with the asterisked “Self-described” on the bottom of the ad. And I totally endorse the use of “Musto”.

But Variety???

Oy. Even people who don’t read the trades know I’m with the Village Voice. Been here quite a while.

Well, I’m sure it was an honest mistake, not another hilarious Jewish joke. And I’m told it will be corrected in a Theatermania eblast as well as another Times ad, so this little ex-altar boy wannabe is in for some lovely alteration.