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Patricia Clarkson As Two Great Actresses?


That would add up to three great actresses, counting Clarkson herself.

But let me explain. At the opening night party for Kinky Boots last night, I told the multi-award-nominated Clarkson that L.A. Times critic Charlie McNulty is writing a play about the late, great method mama Kim Stanley, and he and I both agreed Patricia would be divine in the role.

“The younger Kim, of course,” I added, sensibly, when I told her about this.

Well, Patricia seemed pleased–and I pray it actually happens someday–though she’s next set to play another grand diva of the stage and screen. She’s gearing up to to do a movie about the throaty, showboaty, and wickedly witty Tallulah Bankhead, set around the time Hitchcock gave her a whole new career rescue with Lifeboat.

Can’t wait for the three-DVD set: “Patty! Kim! Tallu!” Or at the very least the Blu-ray release called Tallu on Blu!