Night of 1000 Gowns Was Sumptuous


The Imperial Court of New York’s annual Night of 1000 Gowns gala–at the Hilton last night–brought out a sumptuous array of gown- and tux-wearers of various genders, as the court gathered to anoint the new Emperor and Empress, Wen-Dee Bouvier Pinkhouse and Gracie Steeles.

What a night. From red carpet to reception to auction/dinner/show and beyond, it was a royal fundraiser that kept on giving and glowing.

Taylor Dayne, Karen Mason, Chad Michaels, and Marty Thomas and Diva performed, all with top performance skills. What’s more, I schmoozed with New Jersey state senator Barabara Buono (who’s running against Chris Christie for governor), as well as RHONY Aviva Drescher, who asked whether she should buy a certain designer dress at the silent auction. (I said yes, but she didn’t take my advice. RHONYS are so cautious these days.)

Former Emperor Vanity Society looked smashing in his Russian cossack meets Salvador Dali ensemble. In fact, everyone looked pretty extraordinary. (See above.) Thanks to Christian Freedom and thank you, ICNY.

Here are some Francis von Legge 3-D photos of the night.

And here’s one media personality Tym Moss got with himself and Taylor Dayne.

More visuals to come.